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Located on Highway 2 at Interstate 29
In Fremont County, Iowa

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Housed in a 3,600 square foot building, the Southern Loess Hills Interpretive/Welcome Center serves two main purposes: public education and visitor information. Displays about the Loess Hills land formation, Missouri River, and agriculture and an actual wetland educate the visitor on the archaeological, cultural, historical, natural, recreational, and scenic importance of the Loess Hills.

Three-dimensional natural science exhibits interpret the intrinsic features of the Loess Hills, as well as panels, photographs, illustrations, and hands-on displays. The building houses a brochure distribution center as well as a small gift shop featuring Iowa products.

Located at the center of a major gateway into Iowa provides an avenue to draw travelers off the roadways and inform them of the many services, attractions, and amenities available in the Loess Hills and western Iowa.

The center opened during the summer of 2004.

A Veteran’s Memorial was dedicated at the center in October 2005. It honors all veterans in the area with a brick walkway surrounding a United States flag.

Portions from the Sidney Argus-Herald, Volume 87 no. 17, October 23, 2003

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